BFL x Toaster Shades Collaboration

Backpacks For Life has teamed up with Toaster Shades for a one of a kind collaboration. Toaster Shades started back in 2007 with the idea of creating wearable art and not just any kind of wearable art. Give their team your logo, branding or idea and they come up with amazing custom sunglasses!

BFL was quick to get involved as each pair of sunglasses is completely hand painted. We thought this would be the perfect addition to our backpacks. What better way to give our veterans a new piece of art to brag about AND wear! We are working with the Toaster Shades team to provide not only sunglasses but 2-in-1 sunglass/perscription glasses to our veterans, of course covered in BFL logos and came print.

We’ve just received our first set of designs and we are completely blown away by the attention to detail. We are looking forward to mass producing these and putting a smile on Veterans faces with these amazing shades!

Check out Toaster Shades on Instagram and Facebook to see more amazing designs!