BFL Backpacks On The Horizon…

One year ago today we had the idea to make the coolest and most innovative Backpack out there. We have a few patents and a dozen other cool features in the works for this backpack. We have been busy prototyping,making 3-D prints, on calls getting the blueprints drawn out with Tsuga Canopies, LLC., and soon you will be able to have your own Backpacks For Life Backpack!

With each backpack purchased, we will be able to give a backpack out to a Veteran and continue to support their families’ needs. This picture is the very fist drawing from our brainstorming session… as you can see I’m not too good at drawing but shout out to Tim Johnson – our engineer, creative designer and all the other positions he fills with this project, for bringing my sketches to life. A little over a year ago I called Tim up and told him about this crazy idea and the first thing he said was… “let’s get it done!”

Looking forward to sharing more of this project with you and unveiling a one of a kind backpack to our supporters…

-Brett, Founder of Backpacks For Life

Backpacks on the horizon.jpg