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Veterans with things they cannot provide for themselves. Reintegrating into society has many obstacles and sometimes isn’t always easy for veterans. We are  the support system that homeless & low income veterans may not have. We help them get back on their feet; whether that means finding a job, finding housing or giving them a backpack full of daily essentials to help them survive. Homeless veterans make up a large portion of society and it is only right to help serve those who have protected our country.

Many of the veterans we work with, do not qualify for programs that exist as they only apply to veterans once they become homeless. At Backpacks For Life, we believe that in order to end homelessness among veterans, we need to help veterans at risk by providing preventative measures. Whether it is holistic therapy, job hunting, helping to buy Christmas gifts for their children or changing out old tires for new, we work closely with veterans to understand the challenges they face and create a game plan that suits them. We want to set veterans up for success and guide them along the way by putting them in contact with only the best organizations and people out there.

 Brett D'alessandro - Co-Founder

Brett D'alessandro - Co-Founder




Backpacks For Life is always on the clock for our veterans - that means making the 45 minute drive to meet up with a veteran who is using the ATM vestibule as his sleeping quarters so that he doesn't spend another night on the streets. It means taking that late night phone call from a veteran who is about to lose power in his home. It means buying dog food for a veteran's service dog so they don't have to give it up. It means inviting a previously homeless veteran to spend christmas with us, so that no veteran is left behind.

I feel like you are mostly helping out more than the locals are doing and that is truly heartbreaking! I do want you all to know we are all about helping others and karma and what you want done to you you do to others so we will help out with what we can as soon as we get our family situation back on track and are able to live a normal life. It’s going to take time but do know once we start to get there I will help support y’all and give to y’all as much as possible! Thank you again so much

-Wife of Army Veteran, 2005-2016
With a wife and four kids to say something as simple as buying my own Backpack was “impossible” is an understatement. I was left with the finalized thought of spending my first year in college at 32 with my schoolbooks in a shopping bag. My wife sat down with me and asked if there were any Veteran Nonprofits that helped in regards to something as simple as a backpack. That’s when we came across “Backpacks for Life Inc” without hesitation they shipped one right out. So with tears in our eyes and love in our hearts we THANK YOU!!!

-Navy Veteran
Backpacks For Life has been a huge blessing for me, after going through a couple of tough years of losing everything and having no place to call home. When I finally got my apartment, they helped me pay my first month’s rent, get furniture and had movers bring it to my new apartment.

I’m so grateful for them helping me at a pivotal, intricate time, especially during the time when all of the larger organizations declined to help. Oh, one more important thing I want to say about Backpacks For Life: They not only offer Veterans
help, but the help that they offer is all-encompassing.

As a Veteran, it is important to me to know that Backpacks For Life is supported and able to co
ntinue their work because they truly have a heart to help Veterans.

-Army Veteran, 1989-1990