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Backpacks For Life's mission is to provide homeless, low income and at risk veterans and their families with things they cannot provide for themselves.  Through peer-to-peer mentorship, distributing backpacks filled with daily & long term essentials and linking veterans with resources, our goal is to get veterans and their family back to living their best life!

we've given out 5,567 backpacks to veterans in need!




Keep your eyes peeled, Backpacks For Life is in Times Square. Thanks to the teams at Liquid Church, Beard + Bowler and O'Brien Creative Group for helping us spread awareness on veteran homelessness.

BFL Backpack Development

veteran backpack development

The BFL team recently asked themselves 'What if we built a backpack that is fit for a homeless veteran?' Well we took that idea and ran with it! Our one-of-a-kind backpack was built with one thing in mind...our veterans 

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Show your support for our veterans by wearing one of our custom designed Backpacks For Life T-Shirts. Check out the BFL Shop for shirts, hats and more! All proceeds go towards helping our veterans!  



As a Veteran, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the many resources, organizations and services that are out there. That’s why Backpacks For Life is creating a one-stop-shop search portal called ROGER, where Veterans can search for exactly their need and in their general area. We are going to streamline the processes that Veterans go through in order to help them get the services they need quickly and more efficiently. We’re excited to share this platform with our Veterans and continue to serve them in new ways. Stay tuned for updates....


About Us

Backpacks For Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves the homeless, at risk and low income veteran community. Our goal is to be the helping hand to guide veterans in the right direction, connect them with the resources and tools they need and ultimately be a support system for our service men and women.


Get Involved

There are many ways that you can help serve our veterans and share your thanks. Whether it be volunteering at one of our packing events, raising money or hosting your own fundraiser or drive. We are happy to connect with you and tell you about the many ways you can help Backpacks For Life and our veterans.


Features & Press

Spreading awareness is the cornerstone and foundation of our organization. In honor to better serve our veterans, we need to be able to tell their story again and again so that we can continue helping veterans overcome the obstacles they face. We have been given many opportunities across many media platforms to tell our veterans' stories...


Get In Touch

If you would like to speak with the team directly to learn more or collaborate we would be happy to hear from you! 

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