LinkedIn For Good: Veteran Programs & Services

We recently discovered a wide range of resources for veterans from the site that does jobs & networking best...LinkedIn. There are tons of invaluable resources that are right at your fingertips for finding a job, building your resume, networking with other veterans and learning how to transition to civilian employment. We're recapping some of the program highlights below as we know just how challenging it can be to start the process of building a resume, looking for and securing a job.

Be sure to check out LinkedIn's Veteran Program page here!

1-Year Premium Subscription: Veterans are offered this special 1-year subscription to LinkedIn premium which grants unlimited access to recruiters, jobs and courses to help you along the way.

Developing Your Profile: Watch a message from a Marine Veteran who recaps how you can use LinkedIn programs to the best of your ability. There are TONS of video resources here so for those vets out there that are more of a visual learner, these videos are for you! These videos will walk you through the basics of selecting your photo, how to write about your job experiences and how build a successful profile!

Veteran Mentor Network: With over 120,000 members, consider this network your peers and colleagues who you can ask your questions to and make connections with fellow veterans. You never know where these connections may lead you, perhaps to your next job!

Transitioning to Student Life: This learning page is filled with amazing tools: how to ace an interview, work/life balance, time management and study skills. This is a great roadmap for what to expect if heading the college route!