Backpacks For Life Receives Backpack Donation from Hometown Heroes

     We are very excited to share that we have been working with Mimi Kozma, a resident of the Montclair area, in her persuit of creating a docuseries called 'Food Hero', This docuseries is meant to help someone in need by using food. Mimi and her team reached out to us asking if we would want to be featured on her show. A few weeks later, Backpacks For Life went over to Ariane's Kitchen & Bar of Verona, NJ to film with Mimi and her team. We were so honored to have Mimi prepare an awesome meal for us and share our story with her. At the end of filming, we were in complete shock when Mimi presented us with a donation of 140 backpacks! In collaboration with Hometown Heroes, a nonprofit based out of South Jersey, Mimi was able to help us continue to serve our homless veteran community. Check out our full episode below:

In Episode 3 of Food Hero Mimi Kozma, Mimi Kozma and Mike Schwartz introduce Brett D'Alessandro. Brett, an active duty member of the United States Marine Corp. has recently launched the organization, Backpacks for Life in Verona, New Jersey.