BFL x Times Square, NYC

Backpacks For Life was recently given a unique opportunity to showcase our work with veterans in need on one of the largest advertising platforms in the world...Times Square! With millions of people passing through each day, this was an incredible place to showcase our work and shed light on some of the veteran issues that many people may not know about. 

With such a big project in our hands, we wanted to make sure that we were bringing the most important pieces of what we do to the big screen which included highlighting our work with Liquid Church, who donated over 2,000 backpacks to us this past fall.

We are running ads in times square for the next few months so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

You can check out some great video footage from some of the creative team HERE.

Special thanks to all the creative geniuses behind these amazing pieces: Drew O'Brien Creative, Beard + Bowler and Liquid Church