Cryotherapy for Veterans

     We had another late night meeting with Tim Johnson AKA The Engineer Guru, who is helping us develop our first backpack for Backpacks For Life. We have been working hard the past year to get the coolest, state of the art backpack out to the public to help us raise money for our cause and get these backpacks out to the veterans we serve.

     This past week while working late on the backpack... we decided to take a break and head to, a wellness center right around the corner from us in Jersey City. We were excited to learn about a new therapy approach that could help veterans dealing with physical ailments like chronic pain, injuries and inflammation. It’s called Cryotherapy, which is a form of therapy using extremely cold air on the body. You would think this is a new space aged technology, but the cold had been helping people for a long time. This is just a new and improved way of introducing the cold and its therapeutic properties.

     Remember when you would sprain your ankle and your parents would tell you to put an ice pack on it? Well this is a similar concept, but uses cold in a different way. You step into a chamber and close the door. Don’t worry you head is above the tank the entire time and you can open the door whenever you want. You are then raised up on a platform in the tank, until your shoulders are level with the top opening. The machine begins to pump hydrogen cooled air to a temperature of around -249 degrees. This is as cold as the temperature is at night on the moon, but it’s only for three minutes. The cooled air does not feel the same as water at that tempature, but has just the same affects if you were to take an ice bath.

     Alexa, Tim and I all survived! It really wasn’t that cold and the benefits are amazing. We felt rejuvenated, energized, and were ready to get back to work! Thanks for the great experience to The staff at

I encourage veterans to look for Cryotherapy near them, it has been a great addition to my life and a natural way to feel better!