Veteran Business Spotlight: Triple Direct Leadership

Just before the holidays, we connected with another Marine who is doing amazing things for others in his community through the power of leadership development programs. After serving in the Marine Corps, graduating the Naval Academy and developing leaders in the commercial world, Gerardo Martinez realized that leadership development not only required broadening world view with awareness, invoking content like Emotional Intelligence and the Fulcrum-centric Model, but it also required a large emotional response tied to the delivery of this content.  Martinez took his skills and created Triple Direct Leadership, a company based in Washington D.C., which provides leadership workshops and hands on programming to companies and their employees.

Delivery and design is the focus of Triple Direct Leadership. From Rock Climbing Expeditions to an exciting weapons demo through history, Martinez and his team aim to invoke a large emotional response tied to the content they are delivering. Triple Direct Leadership incorporates the use of the outdoors to give companies not only a fun but also unique experience that they will remember. When attendees come to one of the TDL Workshops, they are provided all the gear that they’ll need for the next few days.

"If we are talking about Stress, you will be placed in stress. If we are talking about empathy, we will put you in a situation that requires it." -Gerardo Martinez, CEO of Triple Direct Leadership

When we got to talking with Martinez, The Bowery Pack immediately came to mind and we knew that it would be the perfect fit for his program…aside from the fact that is he also a Marine! Stay tuned for what’s to come as Backpacks For Life begins to provide Triple Direct Leadership with our backpacks to ensure they are equipping attendees at their workshops with the best possible pack!

If you are company seeking new and innovative ways to help your employees bond, grow and work together, be sure to check out Triple Direct Leadership’s amazing programs HERE.

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