Open Road Foundation - American Classic Cars for Veterans

We are pleased to announce that Ryan, a good friend of ours at Backpacks For Life, has finally gotten official 501(c)3 approval for his organization, Open Road Foundation. We met Ryan a while back through a friend and after sitting down to hear his story,, we knew we had to help! The idea behind Open Road Foundation is to provide physically disabled or wounded veterans handicap accessible classic, American, sports, vintage vehicles. We were beyond impressed by Ryan’s idea and passion to give disabled/injured veterans that sense of freedom that they so deserve.

When Ryan told us about this concept he was troubled by the cost of legal fees and getting the paperwork prepared for the IRS. We knew firsthand how frustrating it can be to get startup money. We also saw how much passion Ryan had to help Veterans and did not want this to be the reason his fantastic organization wouldn’t be able to get off the ground, so Backpacks For Life helped assisted Open Road Foundation with the legal cost of filing for his Non-Profit status. We take our supporters donations very seriously and make sure that every dollars counts in our mission of helping veterans in need. We thought this couldn’t be more of a better fit for what we believe in! If we can help more people who are like minded.... then we can help out even more veterans.

We encourage you to visit to learn more about the unique organization that is doing amazing things for veterans. We are honored to be one of their partners. Often times, we are wondering ‘What will be the next big thing for veterans?’ and this right here is it! If you know of a veteran that would benefit from the services that Open Road Foundation provides, feel free to contact them directly on their website or reach out to the Backpacks For Life team. We will put you in great hands and get you behind the wheel of some amazing cars!