Veteran Entrepreneur Starts A Natural Handmade Product Company

Backpacks For Life is always looking to connect with other veteran entrepreneurs and veteran owned businesses which is why we are so excited to feature this next business on the blog!

Bee-Wolf is a newly launched ecommerce site that sells a multiuse grooming balm. The founders, Richard and Christian, are long time pals and have always felt a sincere need to give back. Join us in supporting their awesome story and business!

Richard enlisted in the United States Army after many jobs out of high school left him feeling without a sense of service or giving back. He deployed on a 12 month tour to Afghanistan and returned home to marry his high school sweetheart. As time went on, Richard tried his fair share of jobs, and college courses but between getting married and starting a family he was still looking for something MORE. Richard was realizing he hadn't quite acclimated back into civilian life. He struggled to find the right resources through the VA and ultimately came to realize he was meant to commit himself to entrepreneurship and service. 

Fast forward & Richard opened his first business in stage and event lighting. His Bee-Wolf business partner Christian was also a helping hand in the business. While setting up for an event, Richard dared Christian to grow a handlebar mustache. Christian was frustrated by all the synthetic ingredients in many mustache waxes while working on his handlebars and Richard was also realizing a trend among his veteran friends - they were all growing beards. From this, Bee-Wolf was born.

Bee-Wolf just launched their first product, the Bee-Wolf Multi-balm. It can be used for just about anything from beard & mustache grooming, to chapped lips, to even waterproofing leather goods. The best part is the product is organic, using ingredients like coconut oil and tea tree oil.

Although just launching their product, Christian and Richard knew they wanted to take this business one step further and give it even more meaning. Christian, having a background in teaching and a passion for craftsmanship, is dedicated to giving back through Bee-Wolf. With their ties to teaching children and veterans, the team of Bee-Wolf have decided to donate a portion of their proceeds to children in underfunded schools AND...Backpacks For Life!

We are thrilled to be able to say we know these amazing guys and we know their products will not let you down! Be sure to check out their website for more information and pick up a jar of multi-balm knowing that you are helping our veterans in need!