BFL x Advocating For Dreams

We recently connected with another NJ startup nonprofit, Advocating For Dreams, which helps children who are aging out of the foster care program. This organization is run by Matthew Schwartz, a child of the foster care system and a veteran of the US Army. Backpacks For Life was able to donate 150 backpacks to Matthew's organization and help kids aging out of the foster care system.

We could immediately sense Matthew's passion for assisting kids in the foster care system. As a child who didn't always have it easy, he is now giving back to those who are aging out of the foster care system. Often times, when children age out of the system, they are left with nothing and no one to lean on. This is where Matthew's team steps in as a guiding resource to ensure these kids live successful lives.

Matthew came to us wondering where he could get backpacks for the kids that he works with since most of them have very little personal belongings to call their own. Matthew is working closely with us on a new BFL project and we could feel his love and compassion for others. We had some extra backpacks and are always looking to push boundaries and make a different in the community so we gladly donated 150 backpacks to kids in need.

Working with Matthew, a formerly homeless veteran, who is now making a difference in the lives of children is what Backpacks For Life is all about...continuing to support our veterans, our communities and giving hope to others!