Veteran Owned Spotlight: Veteran Compost

One of BFL’s longtime volunteers, Sue Brown, recently got to spend some time with Army veteran, Justen Garrity at his composting farm. Take a look at Sue’s recap of the day and be sure to check out Veteran Compost!

I had the distinct pleasure and honor of recently meeting Justen Garrity who is the Founder/President of Veteran Compost.  His sole mission is to employ veterans and turn food scraps into “high-quality organic compost.”  

Upon returning from Iraq and Afghanistan he realized veterans have an unacceptable unemployment rate.  Just so the public knows our combat veterans have a much more difficult time obtaining a job than the average civilian.  

I had the opportunity to check out part of his 30-acre farm right here in my town of Aberdeen, MD. It comes with an awesome farm house dating back to the 1870s with many outbuildings.  The jewel of the property is his barn that homes more than a million worms working to create awesomely amazing compost!   People, such as myself who are seeking organic soils for their vegetable gardens need to come have a conversation with Justen!  

I am bringing Justen’s company to the spotlight not just because he realizes the need for us to replenish our soils that are depleting nutrients but most important, he is a veteran who is employing veterans who are seeking a job making a descent salary, and some benefits that are not available through the VA.  His heart is for those veterans who are struggling and are willing to do some “farm work.”  I enjoyed my conversation with him that morning and looking forward to many more. Who wouldn’t want to work for someone who understands their struggles, easy to converse with, and also wants to make a difference in our environment?

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